Who We Serve


Align your investments with your goals to provide you clarity with your decisions.

We Provide Multiple Investment Management Solutions suited to each investor’s investment goals and objectives: 

Asset Allocation Solution: 

We work with clients to design an investment policy statement that encompasses risk and return targets, as well as investment complexity. 

We then set asset allocation targets across stocks, bonds, alternatives, real estate and cash. 

Finally, we select investments to meet client goals that we rebalance and tax-manage along the way according to client goals.

Conservative Stock-Based Model: 

Since our founding, we’ve run a value-oriented balanced model that endeavors to select strong companies in favorable sectors. 

We balance that with fixed income securities or products set to outperform in our economic worldview. We may augment our positions with covered calls to generate incremental income.


Optimize Your Personal Finances Through a Business Transition or Sale

We work with business owners and sellers to maximize what may be the most important transaction of their lives. 

Maximize After-Tax Proceeds

We help clients plan to reduce tax exposure of a business sale through advanced trust and estate planning as well as same-year tax mitigation techniques.

Plan for Post-Deal Finances

With lower income and often higher expenses, we help business sellers optimize their new financial structure. 

Deploy Your Proceeds Strategically

A business seller often relies on their sales proceeds and other income to support their new endeavors or retirement. We work to customize an investment approach to meet these specific needs. 


You’ve made it. Now optimize it. 

A successful plan includes estate planning, tax planning, investments, and charitable giving. 

Unique To You

No two client plans are the same. We work with you to design a custom plan that creates opportunities and endeavors to mitigate risks.  

Forward Looking

The right plan covers you now and into the future, caring for you and your beneficiaries. Today’s decisions affect the future. We will help you choose confidently.

Coordinated With Your Team

We work with your trusted advisors including accountant and attorneys to achieve your goals. We are happy to recommend advisors, too. The goal is to provide a coordinated team that serves your needs.