Sell Smarter

You’ve spent years building more than a business—you’ve built a culture and a community, a place that created a livelihood and a career for you and your employees. Selling your business is a way to realize your legacy and ensure your valued clients are well taken care of. 

If you want to maximize the impact of a business sale for your life, there are several steps every business owner/seller can take.


Tax Optimization: How can you use the tax code to minimize your exposure? 

  • Deal Terms: More capital gains, less income. Other tax deferral techniques.
  • Structured Charity: Take multiple years of deductions upfront. 
  • Spread Out Income: Over time and over different people.
  • Trust Opportunities: For larger transactions, trust strategies may help. 

Post-Deal Income & Expenses: How do you think about your lifestyle with lower income and higher expenses? 

  • Does your post-deal salary cover your living expenses? Don’t forget to include the personal expenses your business used to cover. 
  • Do you expect to use some of your sales proceeds to supplement your income? 
  • What sort of investment return do you need on your sales proceeds to support your post-deal lifestyle? 


Learn more about Chuck Goldblum, CFA, CFP and how he helps business sellers maximize the impact of their sale!

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